Inventia Genetic Technologies brings world-leading bovine IVF technology to Australia.

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Inventia Genetic Technologies

Inventia Genetic Technologies Pty Limited (IGT) is a biotechnology company based in Brisbane, which brings to Australia the most advanced and efficient bovine breeding technology in the world, using in vitro fertilisation (IVF).

IVF enables the most effective use to be made of bulls and cows with desirable genetic characteristics, by propagating their optimum traits through a herd in a single generation and allowing the sex of the offspring to be selected.

It was the recognition of this economic imperative for the Australian livestock industry to embrace the latest developments in IVF techniques that led to the creation of IGT

Inventia Genetic Technologies technician working through a microscope looking through a microscope at an embryo IGT technician working working in state of the art clean room facility

The team at IGT has extensive experience in all methods of bovine reproduction, and is able to customise your genetic improvement program by combining IVF with other reproductive techniques, and in this way provide you with optimal outcomes.